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Motion Detection / screen saver not working on A119S (firmware 1.7)

Dear Viofo Team -

Motion detection will only work with screen saver at 30 seconds.  Anything else, and it will stop recording after 1 minute, only to restart immediately.

Also, IF the screensaver is set to 30 seconds, and it stops recording after one minute, the screen will turn on at that time and STAY ON for the duration of the no-motion-detected time, which could be hours, wasting the car's battery.

I do have the latest (1.7) firmware.   Please fix this.

Did you manually default your settings in the menu after you updated to v1.7?


Yes I did.  To prove the point, I did it again, and only changed the screen saver time to 3 mins, left everything else at default.  Still happens.  

Update / correction: It appears the hardware is involved in this somehow. When the recording file size before no motion is being detected is larger than about a minute and a half, it will only stop recording on the second try..

Reliably the screen will dim briefly when it goes into 'no motion detected' mode.  

I can only speculate, but perhaps the internal capacitors don't buffer enough the voltage dip that occurs when the screen turns on at the time the recording stops, and/or the processing while the screen is on, which makes the image change (dim) enough to be seen as motion...

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