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Newest Firmware A119 V3.1 Firmware

 Hi everybody!

Today I installed the newest firmware on my 119C.

I have now some kind of noise on the videos and the colours are not so vivid anymore.

Also in parking mode,the videos with 5FPS are anywhere between 10-59 sec but ALWAYS with a missing 7-10 sec of REAL time,

Has anybody the same issue?

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same here a lot of noise can i roll back the firmware? And where can i find them. 

I just roll back the firmware hope my problem is solved , Let you know.

How did you rollback the firmware?

I install the previous version (2.5) over the v3.1. That's all.
I tried 2.0 ,2.02 ,2.05,2.06.The video is not so grainy anymore.But the hot pixels are still there.Very disturbing in low light and at the night.Even my 5 years old Road Runner 520 GPS camera has ZERO issues with hot pixels.The same is true for YI cameras.Both have pitch black colour in darkness,not a kind of shining stars-like image on Viofo 119 V2.
I am very curious to see if my next Viofo 119 V2 has the same problem.


Can someone tell me where I can find the older versions of the firmware?


while upgrade, the mass storage display continues to stay, and the red REC button blinks continuously over half an hour  , how long does it take to upgrade?? anyone has any clues, Please revert thanks.

Update takes a few minutes. So i guess somethings go wrong Natt1948
Hi Gert, I managed to upgrade and restart, now my viofo works fine thanks for your reply, Rgds

your welcome ;-)

So guys.Tested and CONFIRMED.On 2 VIOFO 119V2 : the firmware 3.1 makes a bad image quality even that the engineers from VIOFO keep saying exactly the opposite.Downgrading to any of 2.2,2.5,2.6.offers a crystal-clear image,but does not solve the hot pixels issue.


oke thats clear...thank you.

 Each time VIOFO tweaks the Image Quality for both A119 & A119S the image suffers. Not sure who there is selecting the contrast & exposure levels but they aren't doing road tests to compare results. Suggest keeping the Firmware released in the past before the IQ tweaking fiasco began.

The 14 Steps to DOWNGRADE A119 Firmware are shown in the comments below my video.

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Field testing means also time and money.What I wonder myself is what kind of management is that which throws on the market a product which is not tested?
Thanks God,VIOFO is here,reads and listens and comes maybe with a better solution,but the biggest problem right now seems to be the lack of quality controll of the manufacturing and the components they use.That generates the whole problem.Somebody wants to save few dollars per unit and this can be done only by cutting costs that mean cheaper components which are not good anymore and fewer peoples in quality controll department.
This is the true everywhere in the world:Profit first!Quality?Please...Look at the food we are eating nowdays...


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