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A119 not retaining G-Sensor setting (firmware 3.1)

I have the new firmware v3.1 When parking mode is activated, if if i set g-sensor to low or off setting, it keeps reverting to high. This is what happens, -i set it to low (or off) then select ok, then it "saves" the setting,(i can even go back and check and find it is saved as low) -when exit the menu and leave the camera. -when something triggers a parking mode recording, the next time i go back to settings i find g-sensor is set to high again This is a big problem for me as i drive on rough roads every day so with g-sensor set to high almost every bump triggers a locked recording automatically which means my card is full of locked recordings. Anybody else experience this on firmware v3.1?

Mine is not saving settings at all if I change the settings and then I simply remove the power cord. :) (probably I have a problem with the capacitors...)

I've found that a solution is to close the camera using the power button. Please check this and let me know if it is working.

On mine, all the other settings saves just fine. Its only the G-sensor that resets itself to high setting. Found someone on youtube With the same issue. See attachment
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