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Format card message at camera / car startup

When I startup the car, very often the dashcam (Viofo A119, firmware v3.1) shows the format card message. I use a Kingston 64GB microSDXC card. The camera is connected to car lighter plug.

If I stop the engine and start it back, the camera works ok. If I stop the camera and restart it, it works ok.

The camera is new (less than a month) and the issue showed after a few weeks of flawless working.

The following issues came to my mind:

1. card issue

2. camera issue

3. car battery / voltage problem

4. heat

Did anyone had an issue like mine ?

Is it a V1 or V2 model?  Does it have a V2 in the serial #?  Also, if it's a V1, are you using a GPS mount?  If so, try plugging directly into the camera, not the GPS mount.  GPS will still function.


Camera is V2 model.
Viofo support suggested the same approach (among others, like using the original charger and trying another card). They made no distinction between v1 and v2.

This morning I pluged directly into camera. I will report back if the issue shows again. I don't like, however, not being able to easily remove the camera.

PS What are the differences between v1 and v2?


A119 Firmware v3.1 is BETA and will gave glitches, report all odd behavior so changes can be made for next update. From MENU settings verify Format Reminder setting is off and retains that settings from day to day. Format your microSD card inside the Dashcam and retest. Never insert or remove card while dashcam is powered on.


Update: I had no incidents for about 2 weeks. I did the following:
1. I applied the foam pad to camera base (I did not know about their purpose and I don't remember reading about them in user manual)
2. I gave up using right angle mini USB adapters (the seller I got the camera recommended them for better cable run)
3. I am more patient when I start up the engine (I don't really know how to say it, but I used to start the engine turning the key right away to ignition; now I move the key to ON, wait for the Check Engine Light to turn off then start ignition)

I'm still using the same card and the power is connected to GPS module; I'm using a third party charger (not the original one).

Another thing: the local temperature went lower (it used to be 40C outside, and a lot more inside a closed car, not it's below 30C)

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i have a brand new 119s and a microSD card loaded. the message says i need to format the card.  If the camera doesn't format it how do i do it.   I am an Apple computer user and there are no instructions for that.

Never use the right-angle mini-USB adapter, the extra connection points result in connectivity issues.
All new 8 - 32 GB micro SD cards are pre-formatted as FAT32 which matches A119 / A119S file system.
All new 64 - 128 GB micro SD cards are exFAT or NTFS and not recognized by Dashcams.
1) insert 32+ GB micro SD card into A119/S
2) power up Dashcam
3) format message appears
4) press MENU button
5) press arrow buttons to find FORMAT
6) select FORMAT and proceed then wait for completion (repeat twice for 128GB cards)
7) press MENU again to exit and verify red Record circle appears top-left


that should answer it.  i ordered a new 64 -128 so gotta get me another.  that should do it.  Thanks   i will let you know if it doesn't .  thanks for rapid reply


I put a new ScanDisk Ultra 32GB .  the video screen works for awhile then goes black, and the menu button does not function.  didn't need to format.   as i think i mentioned i have an Apple MacBookPro that i use

Don't use Sandisk cards but Lexar, Transcend and Samsung Evo Class10 and you can use 64GB cards but they'll only format in a Windows PC and then automatically want to format again in the camera when you power it up.(I actually use a Lexar 633x 128GB card although 2x64GB cards would be better with one up and one spare) You also need at least a 2amp charger connected to the cam and not the GPS mount and the cam cannot rattle in the mount (that's what the Eva Foam pads are for with the A119S V2).

The screen times out (goes black) according to the screensaver setting in the Menu options and you can only select the Menu button after pressing the Rec button to cease Recording Mode. You have to understand how all the Modes (Parking Mode and Time Lapse) work to use the Viofo properly.

thanks again. i will give it all a go and hopefully that does the trick.  

Is this thing compatible with my Apple computer?

got it   the little chip goes in the big chip that goes into the slot on the side.  At 68 years olde i seem to be a knucklehead.  sorry to waste anyones time

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