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Format card message at camera / car startup

When I startup the car, very often the dashcam (Viofo A119, firmware v3.1) shows the format card message. I use a Kingston 64GB microSDXC card. The camera is connected to car lighter plug.

If I stop the engine and start it back, the camera works ok. If I stop the camera and restart it, it works ok.

The camera is new (less than a month) and the issue showed after a few weeks of flawless working.

The following issues came to my mind:

1. card issue

2. camera issue

3. car battery / voltage problem

4. heat

Did anyone had an issue like mine ?

Is it a V1 or V2 model?  Does it have a V2 in the serial #?  Also, if it's a V1, are you using a GPS mount?  If so, try plugging directly into the camera, not the GPS mount.  GPS will still function.


Camera is V2 model.
Viofo support suggested the same approach (among others, like using the original charger and trying another card). They made no distinction between v1 and v2.

This morning I pluged directly into camera. I will report back if the issue shows again. I don't like, however, not being able to easily remove the camera.

PS What are the differences between v1 and v2?


A119 Firmware v3.1 is BETA and will gave glitches, report all odd behavior so changes can be made for next update. From MENU settings verify Format Reminder setting is off and retains that settings from day to day. Format your microSD card inside the Dashcam and retest. Never insert or remove card while dashcam is powered on.


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