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Camera resets to default date

 myViofo a119 (without gps) is working fine until i update it to v3.1.. the date always goes back to 2017/05/01 everytime the unit is turned off.. I tried restore and reset..

Software version: A119_170606_V3.1

3 people have this problem

did the problem got fix? i try to change , and still its rstore the date :/

You can download v.2.2 from BCHobbyist's video link above. The link is in video description

how can i dowloned v1.1?

I can't find the link to download v. 2.0 or 2.2, so I downgraded to v1.1 and it's working find now. Thank you.

The A119 v3.1 Firmware is BETA and full of bugs, downgrade to 2.0 or 2.2

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I have exactly issue like this one. The date goes back to 2017/05/01 everytime. This really annoying me that I have to set all the settings every time I turn on.
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