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A LOT OF HOT PIXELS in dark areas and at night.

 I have noticed lately that because I had to drive at sunset and at night the recorded videos are full of extremely bright white hot pixels.The glass of windshield is good and no scratches.

BUT!!!My very old camera from very early production with 1.2 firmware(never touched or upgraded) has not this issue.

After I saw many clips from You Tube,and after reading many complaints from other forums,I think is a poor quality sensor isuue.Seems to be that a whole batch of cameras are affected.

I have also a action cam with the same chipset which has a beautiful image at night

Because I wait a second camera to be delivered from Banggood,I will be able to report later if this is a sensor issue or not.

If some other usershave problems,please post them here because belive or not,VIOFO has an eye open and maybe they can do something about this.

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Mine has at least a dozen of hot pixel. I also heard complains from others so I didn't bothered with this. But, it will be nice to have a solution...

Look at min and i have the same problem ....a lot off hot pixel in the dark areas . hope it will be fixed.

This is a image sensor quality issue.It can not be fixed by firmware.The newest firnware 3.1 creates a over sharpened image with grainy underground and fade colours and even more bright hot pixels.Downgrading to 2.2 solves the image quality which becomes excellent as usual but the hot pixels are ALL there.


I did downgrade but to 2.5 do you thing 2.2 is better than 2.5?

2.2 is the original firmware.2.4 and 2.5 just adds few more languages.
The image quality,excepting the existing hot pixels is the same,and is better than 3.1...
Much better.


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Both A119 & A119S suffer from Hot Pixels. They remain even if you exchange your Dashcam. They occur inside the sensor matrix and caused by cosmic rays (rarely) and over heating. I test the A119S using v1.7 Firmware which includes hot pixel remapping function and it does reduce most but not all. Fixing a hardware defect with software is an easy out.
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Well,I respect you opinion,but without being sarcastic,why the cosmic radiation does not affect the other 2 Viofo 119 that I have?Or the heat?Why they offer a pitch black black colour when outside is totally dark?And no Hot pixels or any kind of shining stars?Do you read what are you writing?
This means that NOT ALL of the sensors they use are selected accordingly.That means low quality components and irresponsable quality controll.Period!
Again,no offense please...


my cosmic rays crack was quoted from VIOFO's post in another forum as possible causes for Hot Pixels but we both know better. I have two other brand Dashcams both cheaper quality and they along with every digital camera I own NONE have hot pixels. My post has to be read sideways, what kind of company sells apples by placing the price sticker over worm holes? It's a market one block from my place and where else?
I'm on your side but time will tell when new model design is released.
view this example I made to help them along


I did make a ticket and ask if the can solved the problem wiht hot pixel. The answer was that the 3.3 firmware solved the problem . I did not test it yet but did update the dash cam. hopefully it did make it better. 

Oke the new firmware  did not help. Hope there be a solution for this. 

No firmware can ever repair a hardware issue...
THE ONLY SOLUTION is to completely replace the sensor/lens unit,hoping the new one has successfully passed QC.



Viofo sent me a new image sensor and 2 new capacitors.
After installing the new components,no issues to report camera works finally as it should work from the beginning.
Thanks VIOFO.


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