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A LOT OF HOT PIXELS in dark areas and at night.

 I have noticed lately that because I had to drive at sunset and at night the recorded videos are full of extremely bright white hot pixels.The glass of windshield is good and no scratches.

BUT!!!My very old camera from very early production with 1.2 firmware(never touched or upgraded) has not this issue.

After I saw many clips from You Tube,and after reading many complaints from other forums,I think is a poor quality sensor isuue.Seems to be that a whole batch of cameras are affected.

I have also a action cam with the same chipset which has a beautiful image at night

Because I wait a second camera to be delivered from Banggood,I will be able to report later if this is a sensor issue or not.

If some other usershave problems,please post them here because belive or not,VIOFO has an eye open and maybe they can do something about this.

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Is someone seriously complaining about hot pixels on a
(continued) ... on a sub $100 camera? Hot pixels are very common and almost unavoidable to a degree, even in high end DSLRs. VIOFO was VERY generous for doing what they did for you.
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