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A119S Causes Radio Interference

I connected my A119S via hardwire directly to the cigarette lighter using a DVR power box. It has the GPS option. I've noticed that when the unit is on it causes so much radio interference that I cannot listen to any FM station. Is this a known issue? Can it be fixed?
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As a test connect A119S using supplied miniUSB / USB cable to dashcam side port then to supplied cig-liter 5volt adapter power on with radio. Next use same setup but swap cable to shortest hanging from dashcam down to cig-liter. Next try both USB ports on power adapter (one closest to blue led). Swap out cig-adapter if possible. Repeat tests with cable connected to GPS mount (not both at once). Hardwired setups consider position of adapter brick transformer to radio (move far away). From above cable testing if positions reduce radio interference move hardwire run. Hardwire usually means bypassing the supplied cig-liter power adapter and connecting directly to fuse box. Consider the circuit being used, try tapping the cig-liter or ACC or radio fuse, switch grounding terminal to metal away from radio. There are very poorly filtered/shielded power adapters and cables sold online, repositioning will help.

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