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Menu access in Mass Storage mode (PC mode)

Right now, if you plug the camera into a USB port on a computer device (PC, cell phone, tablet, anything that can read and play files), the camera defaults to "MASS STORAGE" mode and disables all access via the camera's interface other than turning the camera off by holding down the Power button.  All you can do is view the files via the connected device.

I'd like to suggest a feature where holding down the Menu button (or whatever button is easier to program) on the camera switches the camera back to recording mode, so you can access the menu and make changes, let's say to view and edit settings after a firmware upgrade, or just confirm the upgrade was successful.  You can then reconnect the camera or hold the Menu button down again to switch back to Mass Storage mode.

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I had a heck of a time yesterday upgrading our two recently purchased A119S V2's from V1.7 to V2.1

You simply CANNOT do it as the instructions says.

I have NO "powered" USB ports on any of my two Laptops, as required. I have one "powered" USB 2.0 port on my Dell Desktop which did noting different. I tried ALL 10+ USB (3.0 & 2.0) on all three computers like instructed and all I saw on VIOFO Dash Cam screen was "MASS STORAGE".

I use 64GB SD Cards in my Cams while driving.  Each Cam came with a "free" 16GB SD.  I removed them and saved them.  I use the 16GB SD's for updating firmware. I formatted to FAT32 and then using desktop Computer, I downloaded V2.1 and then moved it onto the 16GB SD with my card reader, and placed that SD Card in Cam.  I used an iPhone power supply, plugged VIOFO cable into that and turned on cam, while on my kitchen counter.  I selected FIRMWARE UPDATE and presses "enter".  In a few seconds red light blinked and Cam Firmware was updated.  I shut off, removed 16GB SD and replaced with 64GB SD card and powered up cam. Then (while on kitchen counter and still pluged in) I made ALL Settings.  I took Cam out into vehicle...........Perfect !!

Can anyone help???  I have a Viofo A119S that when I plug it in to either my laptop or desktop computers shows as a GARMIN device!  I am having the Mass Storage problem.  I've tried to reset the device, pushed every button even contacted Viofo support but they were of no help as they did not seem to understand what the problem is.

Thank you for any help!

The problem is the usb cable - you need to find another one that isn't as 'well made', the wiring/flat usb end/mini usb end restricting the power through it enough to still allow it to turn on, but not go into mass storage mode.

I got it to work.  I had to plug the cable into a power supply NOT the USB port on any computer.  It's weird but that's what worked.  So, it's up and running now.  Thanks for the reply!

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Using the short USB cable will almost always cause the camera to enter Mass Storage Mode.  This is normal.  The short cable has data and power lines.  Your computer thinks you've connected a storage device and is now allowing you to transfer files.  The long USB cable only has power lines, so the camera will not enter Mass Storage Mode.  It's not recommended to use USB ports on your computer (or car), as they generally do not supply enough power to properly power the camera.  USB 3.0 ports "should" be OK, but it always best to use a USB wall charger to power the camera outside the car.


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Thank you. I was able to figure it out. 

Would someone walk me through the steps to perform an upgrade? I do not understand how connecting to the car can upgrade the firmware. How does a file get to the unit? Confused???

You need to transfer the firmware file (.bin file) over to the memory card first. Do this via a card reader or you can use Mass Storage Mode while the camera is connected to your PC. I recommend a card reader as it’s more fool proof. Once the file is on the card, place the card in the camera and power it on with a USB wall charger or in your car with the supplied car adapter. Updating will start automatically. The red REC light will blink slow then fast a couple of times. The camera will reboot when finished and automatically delete the firmware file from the card. After you’ve updated, go into the cameras menu and manually reset the camera to its default settings (it’s an option in the menu). Don’t miss this last step.

After I got the camera I updated the firmware as described. At the first connection, "Mass Storage" appears on the screen. Firmware is the latest. When connected to a USB port on your computer, the camcorder does not appear to be in "mass storage" mode and there is no data on the camera data card in your computer. I checked it: the chemistry works properly and takes files. I can take the movies and pictures in my computer just by taking the card and scanning it with a card reader. My question what can be the reason for this?

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