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How to know when firmware update is complete.

Greetings all,

I have an A119 and just updated the firmware. During the process, the green on/off LED and the red record LED flashed slowly together 4 or 5 times. After that, the green LED went off but the red LED continues to flash very rapidly (as it does when accessing the settings).  What indicates when the firmware update is complete? 

It will start automatically, then the vivio cam start op.

Thank you!!

Actually, I would like to have a better answer than above. My rec light has been blinking for an hour now. Does it take longer than that for the firmware to load?


Ralph, it sounds like your camera has started normally and is simply recording.  During the update, the REC will blink slowly, then fast, then slow, then fast.  The camera will restart automatically when the update is complete.  Should take less than one minute.  Be sure the firmware file is in the root directory of the card (not in any folders).  I recommend transferring the file using a card reader and performing the update while powering the camera with a USB wall charger (phone charger), not your computers USB ports.  Using your computers USB ports will simply put the camera in Mass Storage Mode when using the short USB cable.  If you don't have a USB wall charger, simply perform the update in your car using the car adapter.


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