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A119s - image quality with latest firmware

 I'm a new user, but being a photographer and videographer, I have really good knowledge of image quality and sensor technology.

In my opinion, the image with the new firmware is horrible. Way oversharpened and way oversaturated. I don't see any point for either of these things because the consequence is that the already low bitrate is wasted on things that do not matter - for example, with previous firmware the asphalt was almost a uniform surface. With the new firmware, it looks like I'm driving on pebble road - every little thing on the road just screams at you, and even worse, wastes the bitrate.

I understand the desire to make the image look more "clear" and "pretty", but this is not the way to go.

Contrasts and saturation are through the roof. I would much prefer a mild sharpening combined with very low contrast setting, and neutral saturation - which not only will make the darker areas more visible, it will also use the available bitrate better.

I think many people here don't really understand that having a punchy, saturated and oversharpened image doesn't really mean anything for the basic function - capture the road.  I don't want my dash cam video to look pretty - I want to see the plates and capture as much data possible.

Contrasty image = loss of quality

Over saturated image = loss of quality

Over sharpened image = loss of quality

Or at least give us an option to control saturation, contrast and sharpening. I just want a flat look that may appear boring and not sharp, but will surely result in more captured information. And if need be, I can manually sharpen and contrast up the images to the desired point later.

Another major issue I have is that I cannot see licence plates during night pretty much 90% of the time. I drive an SUV, so my light sources are higher and when my xenons hit the plates of the cars in front of me the camera simply doesn't see anything - it's all white. Doesn't matter if its 3 meters, 6m, 10m... 100% white.

So, overall, the functionality is OK during day but too much saturated and way oversharpened and during the night it's pretty much unsuable for me since I can't identify any of the cars.

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Totally agree with (Urarity) comments as also a photographer. The over saturation and oversharpness produces a very poor quality image.  Reading license plates can be difficult.

Recently showed camera to highway patrol friends who think this is a great camera, but  also agreed image is way over saturated. "Looks like your driving on a unfinished highway."

Have filed a ticket on this issue. If you agree please file a ticket to get this image quality corrected.

Are you talking about v2.1 or v2.2


  2.1 as did not update to 2.2 as fix showed only fixing lock up. Did not have that problem. Were there changes made to the image quality or process added that user could adjust sharpness and contrast to improve over saturation problem?



Wish I had known this before I upgraded to the latest firmware.  Mine still had ver 1.0 and I thought the video during the day and night were perfect.  I will look at it today to see if there is a difference.  I will be disappointed if so and feel that we should have the option to change those settings like others have suggested to get a picture that suits our individual needs.  I am holding off on purchasing additional ones until this is resolved. Thanks

I am also exchanging messages with Viofo on the image quality issue. Still awaiting for an answer if they are working on the quality issue. Seems like they question if there is a quality issue but lets wait and see if Viofo does take a proactive approach and make some adjustments.

I am waiting before down grading ver.1.01 or 1.2 which I see on the blogs.

Hey Les,

Do you have a link to the older firmware?  Thanks

I found some versions by browsing various information available on different websites such as Dashcam Talk and BC Hobbyist on youtube. As mentioned though still waiting for Viofo plans.

If you do anything let me know how it works out.

Will do. Fortunately I have day/night video from V1.0 and V2.2 so tonight I will pull them and do a comparison and post it on YouTube to see what the difference is.

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As far as I know, it is possible to downgrade to a previous version for Viofo A119S. Is that true? 
In addition to this, what is the most suitable version for image quality? v1.0? 

As far as I know some people have down graded to V. 1.01 successfully. I am waiting for a time to see if Viofo does add adjustment for sharpness.

Some software versions I have seen on Dashcam Talk.

I just purchased my first A119s V2 and of course upgraded to the latest firmware, Firmware version A119S_171121_V2.2.  I am having two issues; 1. No sound is being recorded - Just placed a ticket on that.  2. Can't seem to get that crisp image quality I saw in the YouTube reviews.  I want clearer License Plate images.
My hope is that I can downgrade to firmware V. 1.01 as you suggest.  I'm waiting to see if Glen T. can get his YouTube video comparison published.
Thanks to you all for posting on this subject.


hmm, replied with links but they didn't publish it here

Are links not allowed here?  You can find it if you search youtube under the name TheDopalgangr 

I still have to pull the video after installing the updated firmware 

BTW, there was a huge bug guts in front of the lens.  I also didn't have a lot of daytime footage that didn't show how to get to my house so sorry for the short clip.

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