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A119S stopped working


After 3 months of use the camera sopped working. I think this is a V2 version of A119S. 

Hardwired to the dash, no misuse, always same 64Gb, formated once a month and all was well. Yesterday I noticed that the camera made a startup sound even tough it was set on full silent mode. Looked at the screen and it was garble. The numbers on the screen were showing but picture from camera was missing and buttons are non responsive (unable to enter menu). Formatted the card on the computer and now it says "Please format SD Card".

Installing firmware again fixed this. However things like this should not happen...

Firmware corruption.  Viofo is currently trying to fix this bug.  Do you use the car plate feature in the menu on the camera? 


Yes, i think it is called something else but yes, i have my plate typed in.

A119 about 5 months old......  the screen is white..... under some circumstances I can barely make out what it is suppose to be but not enough to be in any way useful.  My guess is the capacitor is to weak to work ???? any suggestions. 
Jan-Erik, there some thought that the bug may be related to the plate ID option. If it happens to you again, maybe leave that option off in the settings after re-loading the firmware. Richard, could be a loose ribbon cable inside or bad screen. Hard to say. I would re-load or update the firmware to see if that helps though. Could be part of the same bug. Don't forget to manually default the cameras settings after updating.
THANKS so much but the screen is not readable to see options..... I believe it is recording properly but cannot see to change settings.  It started while installing the new 3.3 firmware.  I may try to disassembles and check the connections.
You don't need to see the screen to update the camera. Once you put the card in with the .bin file (firmware) and start the camera, it does the update automatically. Since you said this started while trying to update, it's possible that it was not done correctly. Re-flashing it could fix it.

Please include the previous version of the firmware on the download page. This 2.1v brakes my camera once a week. Not usable.

Here is a link to the V1.7 firmware.  However, I don't think it's the firmware version causing the issue with your camera.  Did you manually default the cameras settings after updating to V2.1?  What is your camera doing?


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