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VIOFO A119S-G does not work - buttons are not responsive

My "VIOFO A119S-G after 8 months of use stopped responding . Buttons are not responsive nor the recording is happening . I changed the memory cards to check if this is an issue with memory card , but that did not help.. I have Attached a picture of the screen with frozen options of the camera.
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Re-install firmware will help, I got same problem before

Update to V2.1.  That will bring it back to life.  Be sure to manually default the cameras settings after updating.  It's a bug in the firmware that is causing firmware corruption.  Do you use the Car ID field (I think that's what it's called)?  There is some talk that it could be related to that menu option.  If you use it, leave it blank for now.


Thanks every one for the suggestions!

Upgrading to Firmware V2.1 seem to have resolved the issue. Will test the camera for couple of days.

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