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Ticket 4813 Why was I sent a v1 gps module replacement for a v.2 And where is my second module

I purchased two v2.0 a119s and in less than one month experienced dented pins from both gps modules. One is so bad that it no longer reads the gps coordinances and speed. I sent Viofo a message and they said they would replace both of them. 19 days later I receive only one module and the version 1.0 a known issue module. This is terrible customer service. Even if I get another replacement I will have to wait still another 19+ days.


I also waited 2 months for my parts.But they DO SEND YOU SOMETHING!
Other manufacturers judt dont even bother to deal with the customer itself.BIG manufacturers.So be happy that at the other end of the line is someone who answers your requests soon or later.
Best regards...


Unfortunately it was the V1.0 GPS module versus the newer V2.0 which failed me. Also I needed two parts not one. 

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