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A119S new firware adds "Parking Mode" ?

Any information on how this works or installation changes that are needed?  Normally for parking mode to function the camera will need to remain powered when the car is turned off.  Other products have hardwire kits with a battery lead and an accessory lead.  This way the camera can easily detect the ignition status as well as remained powered.  They also need to have a low voltage cut off so that the camera doesn't drain your battery down to the point that you can't start the car when you return.

I suppose that the camera (if rewired to a constant battery lead) could detect the voltage on the line and determine whether or not the engine is running (charging vs not charging), although that may not be flawless on some of the newer cars that shut down the charger when not needed.  It could also use the GPS motion, but may incorrectly determine parking mode at long traffic lights or in heavy traffic.  Also, it may not return to continuous recording quickly enough to record an intersection accident just after the light changes to green (highest probability of collisions).

Any idea if the camera detects the low voltage and turns itself off?  Can that low voltage limit be set by the end user?

You can use odb cable. Odb cable is detects low voltage and turn off electrical current...
Sorry you can use OBD2 Cable

With the latest Version 2.1 software Parking Mode functionality you'll find you can use the OBD2 power cable as Hakan states to permanently power the camera (and in turn the GPS mount if fitted) and you won't have to worry about car battery drain with normal car use. That's because after a minute or so the camera powers down and stops recording and only records again with movement although obviously you wouldn't want to park in front of a moving tree in the wind say as it may keep recording.

The OBD2 power cable a mate has does have an on/off switch at the end of it for that purpose although you could pull the camera connection if you were leaving the car for a very extended period but that's true of modern cars with immobilisers/remote starters/alarms/etc anyway.  

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