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WR1 problem

Hi everyone,

I just install my WR1 today and encounter 3 issue. Hope the expert can provide some feedback.

1) No sound after I playback the video although the speaker mode is enable in the apps. Why?

2) The video didn't OFF although I stop the engine. I plugged into my 12v car charger. Will it consume my car battery? Do i need to OFF the camera manually every time I stop the car engine? 

3) I can't view the video on the apps if I am away from the camera. Meaning there is no Wifi connection between phone and camera. Is that normal? 

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I can't join to the WR1 device as I don't have a password which lets me join.
Any reason why my iPhone will not join with my new WR1 dash cam? Asking for a password but don't have one. Tried the number in the dash cam description but still will not join. Everything else is ok re LED lights etc. Any help would be appreciated.

About the "Not join with iPhone", I have the same issue. In fact  the WIFI is recognised as protected and during the access asks password. Than which is  password if is not mentioned in the guide? I tried any combination with Serial number and model or with part of the name of the WIFI, but nothing to do. I have open a ticket than I hope to receive some help. I try also with another iPhone (iOS 10.0.3) but is the same : the camera don't join by wifi. Also a windows PC recognise the WIFI but ask the password! I have also update with last  firmware (even thought I'm not so sure if necessary because I don't know what version was installed on Camera, due to  it doesn't connect), no works in any case. I'm a bit in trouble. Some one can help me-us?

Typo: iPhone  IOS version 11.0.3 last delivered.

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