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a119 looping system

Sometimes my camera forgets the date because it sits turned off for couple of days (which is reasonable). When it starts recording after that, the date of the camera is now older. It only loops over one video because first it overwrites the oldest video and that will always be the same video because other videos were filmed in the "future"(when the date was correct). Because of that I only have last 3 mins of the drive instead of 4 hours.

The RTC battery should last much longer than a few days. It might need a good long charge. Try leaving the camera on for 24-48 hours to charge it.

Thank you for your answer. Sometimes I leave my car for a week or little longer. But I will try to charge it anyway. Problem is that the camera relies on date for looping, instead it could rely on numbering the videos and overwriting the lowest number if that is possible.

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