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A119S new firmware v2.1 "ADDED: Parking mode feature"?


I am new to the dashcam thing, just got the A119S for my wife's car. So far we're happy with it. 

i upgraded the firmware to v2.1 and see in the notes that Parking mode feature is added. what does this mean? I thought, from the manual, that parking mode was already available.

If it's wired so the power goes off when the car is turned off, how can parking mode be used?


You're right that Parking Mode is not much use unless the cam is always powered (via 2amp minm direct to cam rather than via GPS mount) and here's the explanation of how it works-

The sequence of events/modes is typically this:


Normal recording always at power up (at the Resolution/fps set in the appropriate Settings menu).  Normal recording is kept going by continued camera movement either via (G-sensor) and/or motion in the camera FOV ( i.e.- no quiet periods over 1.5 minutes)

The A119S will not switch modes until there is a quiet period for 1.5 minutes, then it switches to Standby (not recording).

Whenever motion is detected in the camera lens FOV again (but no physical camera movement via the G-sensor),  the A119S will switch to Time-lapse recording at the fps selected in the Parking Mode menu setting. (note that if you select typical 5fps in the Parking Mode then the Motion Detection setting is no longer required/allowed).  Motion in the camera lens FOV (with no physical camera movement) will then keep the A119S recording in Time-lapse mode until either of two things happen: 

1) If a quiet period again occurs for 1.5 minutes, the A119S will stop recording (go into Standby) or: 

2) If camera physical movement is detected by the G-sensor (eg. simply the car engine running/vibration), the A119 will switch back to Normal recording.

G-sensor activity will always switch the A119S back to Normal recording from either Standby or Time-lapse recording.

To go back to Time-lapse recording, the cycle must repeat sequentially, i.e., Normal to Standby to Time lapse.


(Acknowledgment: edited version of explanation by 5Cowbells at dashcamtalk)

@roger: thank you for the great explanation.

Juts got my camera myself today - wondering why the power needs to be through the camera itself as opposed to the GPS Mount. 

You power the camera first because it draws the most power and the GPS mount not so much so a loose mount causing weak or no contact between the two doesn't affect the camera functionality. The A119S version 2 has revised contacts and the addition of Eva Foam pads to minimise that problem too but camera first is the best policy.

Luc, There are some cameras with an old style contacts design, and new style. Also, the GPS module has old and new styles. The older styles don't make up very well, preventing power from the GPS mod to camera. The newer style was an improvement, allowing better contact. If your camera isn't getting power through the GPS module, it's likely you have the older design.
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