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Viofo A119s does not remember settings anymore. Help

This is not user error.  I have 2 Viofos A119 and figured I wanted to try the A119S.  Worked well for about a week, after that, it would randomly lose all settings, about a month now, and it happens every time it powers up.  It's the V2 version with the latest V2.1 firmware version. I even gave it a hard reset, reloaded the firmware, defaulted the camera to factory settings, powered camera from gps mount as well as directly into camera (made no difference).  Input my settings, drove to work.  When I got off work, I went to start the car, waited for the camera to load, and surprise, all the settings were gone again.  I put all my settings back, formatted the card as it asks, turned on GPS, chose my resolution, time, date, car info, etc.  Made sure everything displayed as it should, and it did, waited 5 minutes, works well.  Unplugged it, re plugged after 2 minutes, and all the settings are gone again.  Camera is back like it did out of the box, asking to format card okay/cancel, in need of inputing time, date, speed unit, time zone, all settings.  Are my camera capacitors gone?, what saves those settings anyways, is that memory part shut?.  What can VIOFO do?.  Will they let me stuck with a bad camera?.  I did try my all the time powered car outlet and as long as there is power, all settings stay.  Power goes off, and settings go away,  :-(

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Couple things I would try.

1)  Power the camera directly with a USB charger (phone charger) while you are setting it up.  Restart a few times to see if the settings hold.  Do not power via your computer or cars USB ports.

2)  Try another memory card.  I have seen some users have issues with the Lexar cards.  Specifically having the settings not hold while using the Lexar card.  Sounds odd, but when they tried another card, settings held. 

3)  Try setting up the camera with no memory card inserted.  Restart a few times to see if the settings hold, then put the card in and restart again.

4)  I know you already reloaded the firmware, but it would be a good idea to reload it again, manually defaulting the camera after.  Sometimes it takes a couple of times.  Again, it sounds odd, but I have seen it make a difference.

5)  If they still don't hold, load an earlier firmware version.  V1.7 I think was the last official version.  I have it if you can't find it.

6)  If all this does not help, contact your seller about a replacement. 

There is a small RTC battery that holds the date and time.  All other settings are held by internal memory.


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