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Locking file feature of A119S


I was wondering if the locking file feature would keep the previous file if the current file portion is on the 10th or 15th second and then I see the following point on Change log of A119S:

Added: Lock the previous file while the button pressed in the begin of 15s of current file

But I am not sure if it works as I thought and if it is possible could you please clarify me about the file lock mechanism with the following scenario in A119S one by one? >>> 

1) Assume that I select loop period 3 minutes and start recording. On 6.10 minute I press Lock button. In this scene will the 2nd part (between 3.01 and 5.59) and the 3rd part (from 6.01 and later) be locked? 

2) What if I press Lock button on 7.00? Will it keep only the current 3 rd part (between 06.01 and later). 

3) How log before and after will be locked when pressing Lock button? Could you please give and example when pressing Lock button on 8.00 (for 3 minutes loop period)?

Any help would be appreciated. 

How about you try what you're asking with the camera powered up on the bench and post your findings here for everyone's benefit as I'm sure many would appreciate it.

My questions are clear. Why do not you answer the ones about which you have any idea???

You're right I don't have any idea but just suggesting a way you could find out the answers to the more nuanced intricacies of the camera workings and helpfully share them around here. To make the practical bench testing more amenable, perhaps you could shorten the film clip time and still get the answers you seek?

Sorry, but I have not received my camera yet (has been shipped). On the other hand, I think there is no need to make a bench test or share video regarding to this question. I just need an answer from a experienced Viofo A119/119S user. 

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