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Can not update A119v2 to firmware v3.3

i am trying to update firmware from v2.02 to v3.3. But after copying FW file, my camera will not power up AT ALL. Here are the steps I've taken:

1) While connected to a wall charger, i formatted the sd card (64gb lexar 633x)

2) plugged the camera into my computer & copied downloaded FW file to root of camera (upgrading from v2, so i did NOT load LD file) 

3) unplugged camera for several seconds

4) when i plug the camera back in, REC button flickers VERY briefly, & then nothing else happens. no power, camera does not show in file explorer. I tried plugging it in to wall charger & same thing - will not power on. (it has been plugged in for over an hour now, & still nothing happening) 

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may have answered this in another threat, but sounds like you MUST update the LOADER file first then normal Firmware file second. Procedure is in text description under my YouTube video.
Firmware Update >


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