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A119S fuzzy and black screen

My camera will stop working every couple weeks. The buttons will be unresponsive and the screen will be stuck like it is in the picture. I have reloaded the 2.1 firmware every time it does this but it just stops working after a few weeks!

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Viofo is working on a firmware fix for this.  Should be out soon from what I've heard.


Hope the new firmware fixes this issue. I have 3 of these dashcams and all of them do it every few weeks. Have to reinstall firmware everytime it happens just to fix it
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They just released an update that is supposed to fix this for the A119.  A119S update should be out soon.


Thanks CaptureYourAction. I'm guessing that should be firmware v2.2 that should have the fix?
I would think so.


Mine started to do it yesterday (2 months old camera firmware V2.1), worked fine for 2 months and yesterday suddenly I got that. I contacted the vendor for warranty before I read your thread on the forum so I know now that I am not alone :-)   :-(   Hope that they hurry up and fix it. I will try to reinstall the firmware to see if it fixes it for now.


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V2.2 was just released and should hopefully finally fix this issue.


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Tks @ CaptureYourAction, it did fix it :-)


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