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A119S fuzzy and black screen

My camera will stop working every couple weeks. The buttons will be unresponsive and the screen will be stuck like it is in the picture. I have reloaded the 2.1 firmware every time it does this but it just stops working after a few weeks!

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I have the same problem with v2.2 and v2.4. Suspect it is now a hardware issue and these units should be replaced free of charge. These units were obviously not beta tested prior to release but use the purhasers as the testers.

Come on VIOFO what are you going to do?

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Remove the memory card. Start the camera and go into the menu and reset the camera to it's default settings.  This should fix the issue.  If the issue should arise again, it's possible it's an issue with the image sensor ribbon cable.  I don't think Viofo has determined the exact cause yet.  It's possible it is a firmware bug as well.


I'm having the same problem, the camera stopped working a week ago and only now I realized. If something had happened and needed the recording it was screwed. It is inadmissible that a vehicular camera, which has the purpose of registering a fact so that we can protect ourselves from any situation, has a defect of that. I will change this firmware and communicate to Viofo formally to see what attitude they take, I hope they are a serious company and fix this shit.

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