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Viofo or sdcard issue?

I purchased two viofo A119 V2 with GPS, one from amazon and  one from ebay.  My sdcard, samsung microsdxc,class10, uhs1, U3, evo plus, 64Gb works on the one I puchased in amazon. But it does not work on the one from ebay. 

Both looks the same, has the VIOFO box and accessories, the serial have both V2. 

Both was upgraded to the latest v3.3 firmware. The one on ebay, works with 32Gb samsung evo class10, uhs1, U1, sdcard.

What could be the problem? 

The Samsung EVO Plus 32&64GB U3 cards have Read Speed=100MBs Write Speed=60MBs using the preferred MLC NAND chips. That is a very good micro SD card.

If the slower 32GB U1 (Read Speed=95MBs Write Speed=20MBs) card works in both, the eBay dashcam is defective or a clone. Open the case of both and without removing anything visually look for differences. I suggest returning the eBay A119 Dashcam.
might also try reflashing the eBay but this time update the LOADER file first then update the Firmware just to be sure the hardware ID layer isn't broken in the firmware before returning it.


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