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A119s firmware v2.1 compared to 2.2

Hi, what are the benefits of updating firmware v2.1 to 2.2. Eg, video format mov/mp4, wdr, video quality ect

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V2.2 fixes the XXXXXX firmware corruption issue.  I don't think there is any other difference.  I would update though to eliminate the XXXXXXX issue possibility. 


What it means? Can you please clarify us a little bit more? 

The XXXXXXX issue was a firmware corruption issue.  It was rare, but occurred in some users dash cameras.  XXXXXXX would appear in the lower left part of the screen and the camera became unusable.  Users needed to re-install the firmware to get the camera working again.  V2.2 is supposed to fix this issue.


The response from viofo was The quality of pirture and video have improved and finally fixed camera freezing while showing XXXXX on screen. I've updated to v2.2 but haven't tested as yet

Bu, some people said that image quality in v2.2 is worse than v2.1. Any idea? Should we wait for v2.3?

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