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A119s firmware v2.1 compared to 2.2

Hi, what are the benefits of updating firmware v2.1 to 2.2. Eg, video format mov/mp4, wdr, video quality ect

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V2.2 fixes the XXXXXX firmware corruption issue.  I don't think there is any other difference.  I would update though to eliminate the XXXXXXX issue possibility. 


What it means? Can you please clarify us a little bit more? 

The XXXXXXX issue was a firmware corruption issue.  It was rare, but occurred in some users dash cameras.  XXXXXXX would appear in the lower left part of the screen and the camera became unusable.  Users needed to re-install the firmware to get the camera working again.  V2.2 is supposed to fix this issue.


The response from viofo was The quality of pirture and video have improved and finally fixed camera freezing while showing XXXXX on screen. I've updated to v2.2 but haven't tested as yet

Bu, some people said that image quality in v2.2 is worse than v2.1. Any idea? Should we wait for v2.3?

I have v2.2 and am still getting[in most cases] the last file in a drive corrupted.

A119S with GPS. power connected to GPS module.

V1 or V2 model? Try powering the camera directly. Try powering with a USB charger (phone charger). Let the camera run for about 10-20 seconds (while recording) then pull the power plug and see how fast the REC light stays lit. It should stay lit for about 4-8 seconds while it saves the last file. If it shuts down instantly, then you may have a blown capacitor. A blown capacitor will corrupt the last file.

Thanks for the reply.

I have the V2 model.

I think the problem is related to the GPS mount.

On drives that show GPS information on all files, the last file is not corrupted, but, if the drive has files where the GPS information has not recorded the last file is corrupted.

Yes, i know that this makes no sense and the lack of GPS information could be due to lost connection to the satellite.

I will try your suggestion and power the camera directly.

Could still be power related, but it does sound like maybe your GPS mount might be bad.  Try powering the camera directly and see how it acts. 
Do all the contact prongs look OK?  All the same height and not bent in any way?
Are the connection points on the back of the camera clean?


re-installed software v2.2.

Made 3 separate journeys and apart from one file all played back perfectly.

The file that did not play was recorded midway through a drive. It was not a complete file, being only half the length of a full file, Why this happened i do not know as the files before and after it played okay.

Also, although the GPS was set to record nothing was recorded.

Would this be due to using a Sandisk ULTRA or does it look more like a dud GPS mount?.......or something else?

Using a SanDisk Ultra (grey and red in color) could certainly cause this issue.  I have seen it many times using that model of card.  I would buy a different card.  Transcend is a reliable brand.  The Samsung EVO Select U3 (green and white) has been solid in the A119/A119S so far as well.


Thank you for your replies.

I have ordered a Samsung EVO 32Gb card, that will be with me on Friday.

Meanwhile i have a 32Gb unbranded card that i am trying.

I have used it on 2 very short drives, on which i had no problems.

If indeed the problem is solved it appears that Sandisk cards do present a problem.

Have you any explanation as to why this is so?

My dashcam now appears to be working correctly, and i am very pleased with it

I am now using a Samsung microSD card.

I have it connected through a 12V to 5V convertor, that was installed some 3 years ago for my previous setup. I have found the USB cable to be faulty and thus, the camera was prone to random disconnections.

With a new cable installed, and a Samsung card, the performance is excellent.

In view of the USB cable problem i cannot say for certain that the Sandisk card contributed to the original problems. 

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