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After v2.2 update

I uploaded V2.2. I made all the settings. I pulled the television and looked at the computer to try. The movements were so fast, there was no voice. I set the Time laps to 100 ms. I turned off Time-Lapse and tried again, the movements normalized and the sound came too. I checked the settings again and everything is normal for me. I could not understand. I deleted the update I installed. Download and install again. The situation has not changed. I reset the device, did not fix. I returned to factory settings, again did not

I'm not following what the issue is.  There will be no sound while in time lapse.


Changing MENU settings isn't intuitive on these dashcams, use the left/right arrow keys to navigate then press the center /!\ button to save the selection, then press MENU to return to previous menu. Created a complete Menu Settings video just for this reason.
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