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"Card full" when it isn't.

Just got my A11n v2 and was playing around a bit with a small (2GB) Sandisk card (not the Ultra -- this one is solid black.

I recorded about 8 minutes of video to the card, and then got a "card Full" message, followed by a prompt to delete all the data.

This also happens when powering on the camera.

The card was formatted using the camera.

It happens if the camera is powered by the GPS module or directly.

If I stop recording by hitting the REC button, then try to restart by hitting the REC button again, it also happens.

I've verified on a Linux computer that the card is NOT full.  It's about 10% used.

Any ideas?

After a little more playing around (and sacrificing a 32GB card from a Raspberry Pi,) it looks like its probably related to the 2GB card.  It doesn't do this with the 32GB card.  Perhaps the firmware has difficulties with small TF cards?

8GB microSD cards are minimum, 16GB are good, I'd avoid SanDisk for anything. You can format 64GB & 128GB cards that come with exFAT inside the dashcam to proper FAT32 file structure.

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