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Lines in Video and hesitating Video A119S

Just tried a new A119S and found the the recorded video has lines in the video and the video freezes.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?  I've slowed down the 1080 from 60 fps to 30 fps with no difference.

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I have a similar problem, the camera freezes after some recordings, I have to format again installating the firmware each time that the camera freezes, in my case, the left side of the screen turns gray (like video noise) and the right side turns black (no video)

If just the left side of the screen turns grey, your ribbon cable that runs from the image sensor to the main board may be loose or defective.  However, I would make sure your running the latest firmware first.  Be sure to manually default your cameras settings after updating the firmware.  If it still happens, I would check the ribbon cables connection or contact your seller.  Caution:  opening the camera could void your warranty. 


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