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Viofo A119S plugged in when start engine, is it safe?


I have purchased and succesfully installed the Viofo A119S. With all I am happy. As I am a professional taxi driver I switch off and turn on many times a day the engine when waiting for example for a customer.  My question is, is it safe to have plugged in the camera and then start the engine? Or should I first remove the USB from 12V cigarette point, start the engine and then plug in the USB? Can a start with plugged USB do a short circuit or another damage to the camera? As USB I am using the HAMA USB AutoDetect 4.8A. 

Thank you 


it is safe to leave plugged in. The circuit is turned on like a wall switch when the engine is started so it shouldn't be any issue.
I leave mine plugged in all the time.

Thank you  for the response

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