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A118C2 Not working

I just received my brand new A118C2 dash camera in the mail yesterday. It worked fine the first few times I recorded. I removed the card and cleared the recordings, placed the card back into the camera and was able to record once again. The next day I attempted to record and the camera turned on but would not respond to me pressing any of the buttons. I removed the card and then I was able to open the menu and navigate through settings. I thought it was a card problem so I went to the store and purchased a new card,(32gb PNY HD) the same as before, and the camera keeps doing the same thing. It powers on with the card inside of it but will not respond. Once the card is removed it will respond.

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Sounds card related.  Be sure to always format the card inside the camera.


I have the same A118C2 and this happened to me exactly the same after changing some settings. What I found is if I change the loop recording settings to off, the camera won't record for some reason. I changed it to the max of 5 minutes and it records automatically again. Hope it helps.

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