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Outer cover

Is it possible to make a wire cover that helps to disguise the A119, like the A118C? Or a housing that covers the whole camera, to help hide it?

Are you referring to what looks like a black wire mesh in some photos?  That is a common feature at the top of many windscreens and it is actually part of the windscreen itself that is a handy area for mounting many dashcams. It comes down further near the rear-view mirror.  

I have my A119 mounted on it.  The A119 is a stealthy design as is, but even mounted as high as practical, some of it was still visible below the "black mesh" so I made a black cover from the black carpet stuff as used for dashboard covers. There is a cut out for the camera.  The edges of the cover are folded back to conceal the edges of the camera. It looks good and conceals well so all you see is the camera lens.  I backed my cover with aluminium foil to reduce radiant heat from the sun on the windscreen getting to the camera.   

Thanks Wazza. I am aware of the mesh area and have one, but haven't actually mounted mine on the windscreen, I have mounted mine on the underneath of my Honda's 'sensing' box which is attached to the top of the screen and houses the road safety sensors, so it's some way from the screen, but it still has a great picture. Just wanted to blend it into the sensor casing. 

I tried adding a picture of the wire cover, but it's still waiting moderation. If you check the accessories for the A118C you'll see the long black wire cover. I'd love to see your carpet cover and I'd say for you to add a picture or link, but the moderation seems to take a while. Do they mod posts with links?

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