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A119S still causing frozen screen on latest V2.2 firmware

Problem still exists on V 2.2. I know it's an easy fix of just reinstalling the firmware but its getting kind of annoying since I have 3 of these. I also have the units beep randomly while recording even though I've turned that feature off in settings.

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Mine is 2 weeks old, and now useless... A119S. reinstalled many times, with different cards, with different cables, with different power supplies, but nothing helped, stucked at startup with orange Viofo screen.

Having the same problem, have formatted and reinstalled the V 2.2 Firmware multiple time this tends to fix the issue for 1 or 2 days then back again with the issue. Have also tried one multiple SD cards but still failing. 

Contact viofo directly. In my case they claim it's a hardware issue. They've offered to replace my unit but I need to send them my faulty one.
This is probably an issue with the Sensor ribbon cable.  You can try to re-seat the cable or contact your seller and get it replaced under warranty.


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