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Screen Freeze

When the unit is activated all I see is "FIOFO" (w/o quote marks) on the screen. The "rec" light is also lit. I am unable to do anything else with the unit. Any suggestions?

I finally think I have the update installing. The problem is I have the screen reading "Mass Storage" and has been doing that for about 3 hrs. Does it take that long to install the update or is my unit hung up? I did disconnect it and reconnect it once. When I did this I saw what the camera saw and then I got the Mass Storage again. This camera has been great for about 6mos but now it appears to be heading for the trash. Any suggestions?

Don't use your computers USB ports for the update.  When you connection the camera to your PC via a USB cable (data cable), the camera will always enter Mass Storage mode.  Use a USB wall charger or the supplied car adapter for the update.


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