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Bad Video Quality


I just installed the new Viofo A119 V2 dashcam . I get a very bad video quality.

Attached a short sample.

Can anyone help?

Everything is in the default setting.




By now , no one from support bothered to reply or handle the ticket I opened.

Is there any support for Viofo ??

Not sure what I just saw.  If your video has a bunch of vertical lines in it, I would reload the firmware.  V3.6 is the latest.  Be sure to manually default the cameras settings in the menu afterwards.  Next I would try a different memory card.  If this does not help, then I think you need to contact your seller for a replacement.


Thanks for your answer , I did both things and get the same problem - vertical lines

Be sure to try both USB cables that came with the camera.  I would also try different power sources.  A USB wall charger (phone charger) works well, just be sure it supplies at least 1A.


I tried , didn't help, BUT I just found that when the lens is positioned all the way down , the lines disappear , which seems  to point on a connection issue within the device
I will contact the seller
Thanks for your help !

Sounds like the image sensor ribbon cable is not attached properly to the main board. This is actually an easy fix if your interested in trying. You can find disassembling instructions online. Your really only removing the back cover. The cable probably popped out of it’s holder.

can you send me a link ?

I’ll look for it.
This video is of a A119S, but it's the same for the A119.  The issue is usually where the ribbon cable attaches to the main board.  The clasp that holds the cable in place probably came loose.


Thanks! I will ask the seller's permission to do it.

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