Latest A119 firmware is released , version number is V3.3, below is the download link, or check the attachment:

A119 V3.3 Firmware

Change log:

  • 1. Added: Parking mode feature
  • 2. Added: Lock the previous file while the button pressed in the begin of 15s of current file
  • 3. Improved: Change the sound for taking screen shot while press the menu button
  • 4. Improved: One click to stop recording, mute/unmute while in screen save mode
  • 5. Improved: No embed GPS info in movie while GPS feature disabled.
  • 6. Fixed: Screen on issue while detected on detection in screen save mode

How to update:


Please do the following to upgrade the dash cam

If you camera firmware version is V1.1 or earlier, please upgrade the loader LDBA119.bin first.

If you have already installed the V2.0 firmware, no necessary to upgrade the loader, please ignore the #3--#6 steps.

From V1.4 firmware, the firmware will be automatically deleted from Micro SD card after upgrade completed.

  1.          Use max. 32GB card formatted by camera or on computer as FAT32
  2.          Insert card in camera and connect it to computer using USB cable
  3.          Copy just the LDBA119.bin on the root of the card
  4.          After LDBA119.bin is copied to the card disconnect the camera from computer
  5.          Reconnect the camera to your computer and wait few seconds until you can chose Mass Storage from camera menu
  6.          Delete LDBA119.bin from the card using your PC and
  7.          Copy the FWBA119.bin file on the root of the card

         Reconnect the camera to your computer and wait more seconds until you can chose Mass Storage from camera menu, the front red LED will be blinking while upgrading.

Now you can disconnect the camera from PC and enjoy new A119 implementations.