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What Resolutions Do Dashcams Support?

You may refer to the below sheet, Yellow background shows the default resolution,
Please also be noted resolution during parking mode may be different.

You shall consult customer service for more,


or by email: [email protected] 

A119 V3(关闭HDR)A129 DUO 1chA129 Plus 1chA139 1ch
3440x1440P 30fps1920x1080P 60fps2560x1600P 30fps1440P 60fps
2880x2160P 30fps1920x1080P 30fps2560x1440P 60fps1440P 30fps
2560x1600P 30fps1280x720P 60fps2560x1440P 30fps1080P 60fps
2560x1440P 60fps1280x720P 30fps2560x1080P 60fpsA139 2ch
2560x1440P 30fpsA129 DUO 2ch2560x1080P 30fps1440P 60fps+1080P 30fps
2560x1080P 60fps1080P+1080P2304x1296P 30fps1440P 30fps+1080P 30fps
2560x1080P 30fpsA129 Pro 1ch1920x1080P 60fpsA139 3ch
2304x1296P 30fps3840x2160P 30fps1920x1080P 30fps2K 30fps+FHD+FHD
1920x1080P 60fps3840x1600P 30fps1280x720P 120fpsFHD 30fps+FHD+FHD
1920x1080P 30fps2560x1440P 60fps1280x720P 60fpsMT1
1280x720P 120fps2560x1440P 30fps1280x720P 30fps1080P 30fps+1080P 30fps
1280x720P 60fps2340x1296P 30fpsA129 Plus 2chT130 2ch
1280x720P 30fps1920x1080P 120fps1600P 30fps+1080P 30fps2K 30fps+1080P 30fps
A119 V3(打开HDR)1920x1080P 60fps1440P 60fps+1080P 30fps1080P 30fps+1080P 30fps
3440x1440P 30fps1920x1080P 30fps1440P 30fps+1080P 30fpsT130 3ch
2880x2160P 30fpsA129 Pro 2ch1440P 60fps 21:9+1080P 30fps2K 30fps+1080P+1080P
2560x1600P 30fps4K + FHD1440P 30fps 21:9+1080P 30fps1080P 30fps+1080P+1080P
2560x1440P 30fps4K 21:9 + FHD1296P 30fps+1080P 30fps
2560x1080P 30fps2K P60 + FHD1080P 60fps+1080P 30fps
2304x1296P 30fps2K + FHD1080P 30fps+1080P 30fps
1920x1080P 60fpsFHD P60 +FHD720P 120fps+1080P 30fps
1920x1080P 30fpsFHD + FHD720P 60fps+1080P 30fps
1280x720P 120fps720P 30fps+1080P 30fps
1280x720P 60fps
1280x720P 30fps

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