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What are the differences among parking modes, parking motion detection, parking G-sensor, and motion detection?

Choose one of 3 modes and enable the parking mode.

Differences between 3 parking modes:

1. Auto event detection: the dashcam will only record when it detects movements around your car.

2. Time-lapse parking mode: the dashcam will record fewer frames (images) in 1s so that the dashcam can record longer and the video can take less space. but the videos will be very fast when you playback them.

3. Low bitrate parking mode:  the dashcam will record constantly but the image quality is not as good as other parking modes. In this way, the video will take much less space so that the SD card can save more videos.

Parking motion detection:

It is used to adjust the sensitivity of auto event detection parking mode. If you don't choose auto event detection parking mode, you can ignore it.  

Parking G-sensor:

It could adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor in parking mode.

(G-sensor means that the dash cam will lock the video if your car is hit.)

Motion detection:

This is used in driving mode, the cam will stop recording after 1 minute when no motion is detected,

In case you stop the car temporarily during driving and do not want the cam to record during this process, you may turn on this function,

if not, you may just ignore it.

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