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What Is CardReader Mode? Why do not camera buttons react?

What Is CardReader Mode?

If you use the short USB data transferring cable and connect the camera to the computer, the camera will enter card reader mode, you can access the files in the card on the computer.

But in this mode, camera buttons will not react, and the screen (if the camera has one) gets stuck as per the below pic.

How To Exit CardReader Mode?

There are two ways out.

  1. Use another cable: use the car charger cable or a third-party power cable
  2. Change the power supply: use a power bank or a wall socket as a power supply.

You can then enter recording mode or enter the camera menu.

Other Tips: 

  1. For cameras without screens, in card reader mode, you will find the camera buttons get unresponsive.
  2. If the bin file for updates is already in the card, the camera will flash the firmware before entering card reader mode.

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