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Can I use an external battery pack for parking mode ?

Drawing power from your car battery DIRECTLY with our hardwire kit is the best choice, as the camera switch between regular mode and parking mode automatically, and no concerns about battery drainages.

While if you must use an external battery as a power supply, you may read on.

1. Spliced output cable 

First, you still need to buy our hardwire kit, second, please make sure the battery pack comes with spliced output cable to connect to our hardwire kit.

Tips: Please read the battery pack manual carefully, in some cases, the spliced yellow cable is to connect to our red BAT cable as the constant power supply and the spliced red cable connects to our ACC yellow cable for accessory power.

2. Recommendation

Here is one battery pack we recommend.

Cellink NEO Battery — BlackboxMyCar

Here is an introduction video FYI.

In case you are interested,  we are also coming out with our own battery pack in the near future.

3. Test parking mode temporarily?

In case you want/need to test parking mode at home, you can use our original car charge cable or the short data cable and wait for 5 minutes quietly as per the below video.

Note:  It is not a routine operation to use the car charger cable for parking mode, as the camera may switch back to normal mode unexpectedly, or only switch back to the regular mode when your driving speed is over 8km/H (GPS detect speed), which is not as reliable and convenient as using hardwire kit.

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