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Why does camera not turn on? how do I fix it?


  1. The screen is on but the camera does not react to buttons.

  2. The screen is black and the PWR light flashing or solid

  3. The screen is black and no lights at all

  4. No lights at all (For non-screen cameras)

How to Troubleshoot?

In all scenarios, please test the main body according to the below steps.

  • Try the Original car charger and adapter,

  • Try other alternative power cables and adapters.

  • Try other power supplies, like home sockets, computers, or battery packs.

Tips: Some cameras also have a power port on the GPS mount, please make sure you have also tested that port.

What next if the issue persists?

  • For scenarios 1 and 2, since the camera still reacts to power, so a resetting and firmware update may help. Click Support to get the firmware and reset tips for your model.

To be conservative, please also format the card. or try without a card inserted.

Click Card Formatting to get more tips.

  • For scenarios 3 and 4, it seems the camera hardware is faulty, you can still try the firmware update if you find the camera warms up by power, in most cases, a main body replacement is needed. Click Customer Service Support for a replacement.

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