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Why can not I open / use the VIOFO app smoothly?

The first step, you need to turn on the camera WIFI and find its SSID on your phone and wait a few seconds until it connects.

(Please note it is normal to find "Connected without Internet" in the setup after connecting)

Note: If you have issues with this first step, please click Support for help.

You can also contact us directly if you can not watch downloaded videos or have issues with the app menu setup.

Below we give some solutions FYI.

IOS system: ( iPhone or iPad )

If you find the live video black or can not enter the app,

  1. please disable the VIOFO APP from accessing cellular data as below. (there are differences in IOS setup, choose "WLAN" in "Wireless Data" or turn off "Cellular Date" as below).

  2. Turn on airplane mode if the issue persists.

  3. Turn off the VPN  program (if you have one) on your phone if the issue persists.

Android system ( Android Phones ) 

If you use an Android phone and cannot enter the app, below are steps FYI.

  1. Turn on the VPN in the "VIOFO" app as below;

  2. Turn off the VPN programs or anti-virus programs (if you have one) on your phone. 

  3. If you have WLAN assistant and have turned on "Stay Connected", as the camera WIFI does not support an internet connection, there will be a popup "Can‘t connect to the internet" as phone WIFI tends to connect to other WIFI that supports network,  please do not choose "Switch" and click "No thanks" instead, otherwise, you may not access the VIOFO APP successfully, Another solution is to disable "Stay connected" directly.

Tips FYI:

There are two ways to test the camera's WIFI connection channel.

Connect the camera WIFI to your phone or computer first, if you can access the pages successfully by any of the below two methods, we then conclude that the camera WIFI module is ok, your issue with the app is most likely to be related to your phone/phone setup.

1. Use a browser on your phone/computer and enter,

2. Or Use the VLC player and enter rtsp://

A video FYI.

How to test the camera WIFI

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