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How to Use VIOFO APP?

How to connect?

  1. Download APP: Scan the below QR accordingly and download the app to your phone.

  2. Turn on WIFI: Press the WIFI button on the camera body. (For dashcams like A139 PRO, the WIFI is turned on by default, and you hear a voice "WIFI Enabled" and blue WIFI LED flashes)

  3. Find SSID and Connect: Go to the phone WIFI setting and turn it on, find the camera SSID (Named with VIOFO and camera model), and connect.

  4. Open VIOFO APP: Follow the reminders to access the live video and menu.
    (If your camera supports 5G WIFI, you may be reminded to switch to 5G WIFI)   

Note: Camera WIFI does not support access to the network, so please do not choose "Disconnect" if you find the below popup; It is also normal to find "Connected without Internet".


Unexpected scenarios you may encounter.

Scenario 1

Black live video on iPhone/iPad 


  1. Disable the VIOFO APP from accessing cellular data in the setting. (there are differences in IOS setup, choose "WLAN" in "Wireless Data" or turn off "Cellular Date" as per the below pic).
  2. Turn off third-party VPN  programs (if you have one) on your phone if the issue persists.

Here is a video you may find useful.

Scenario 2

Run around but can not enter the app menu. (on Android phones)


  1. Turn on the VPN in the "VIOFO" app as below; (If you can not access the internet, please also try to open VPN)                                                                                                   
  2. Turn off third-party VPN programs or anti-virus programs (if you have one) on your phone. 
  3. Click "Stay Connected" and "No thanks" if you have a WLAN assistant. As camera WIFI does not support internet access, there will be a popup "Can't connect to the internet" as phone WIFI tends to connect to other WIFI devices that support the network. ( Another solution is to disable "Stay connected" directly.)

Tips: There is a way to test if the camera's WIFI connection is normal.

  1. Connect to camera WIFI by your phone or computer;
  2. Once done, enter in phone browse or computer browse;
  3. If the camera WIFI is ok, you can access the card through the browse, which means, if you can not use the app normally, there is an issue with your phone setup or the app itself.
  4. Here is a video you can refer to:

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