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Can I use parking mode with an external battery?

When you are using the external battery, the camera will also get into the Parking Mode, while it is the sensor inside that help achieve this, once the camera detects no motion or impact for more than 5 mins, it will enter parking mode,

there are concerns that the cam can not get into parking mode if you park outside, as small movements or light changes can trigger the dashcam, thus keeping it in normal recording mode.

Note: For A139, you have to upgrade to the firmware V1.5 to make the dashcam enter the parking mode successfully when the dashcam doesn't detect movements for 5 minutes. firmware download link as below:

So for most users, we do recommend buying original hardwire kits for parking.

HK3-C  for A139: 

HK3 for A119V3/A129 DUO/A129 DUO IR/A129 PRO DUO/A129 PLUS DUO

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