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How to use the static sticker?

The transparent sticker is a static sticker, the film-like stuff is not adhesive, but it can attach to the front windshield of your vehicle by static electricity.

By using the static sticker, there will be no residual marks and cleaning troubles when you reposition your camera.

How to install static sticker?

  1. Wipe clean the surface of the windscreen before installation.
  2. Peel the static sticker protective films off the static sticker, press it for a few seconds, making sure no bubbles are left, and then attach the camera to the sticker.
  3. Please press the camera body hard for a few seconds, making sure it is attached firmly.

How to detach the static sticker?

You can touch the edge of the static stick to detach the whole camera from your car windshield.

Tip:  Static stickers can be reused and recycled.

Here is a video you can refer to.

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