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Which VIOFO model support GPS Logger?

GPS in dash cameras log your speed and position, not to give you directions. You can visualize this information in a special player.

The VIOFO A118, A118C2, G1W-S, WR1, A119 series, A129 support GPS logger.

The VIOFO A118, A118C2, G1W-S use a separate GPS module.

GPS Module for A118C, A118C2, G1W-S

For A119, A119S, A119 Pro, A119 V3, A129, A129 IR, and A129 Pro, the GPS module is built in the mount.

GPS Module for A119, A119S and A119 Pro

GPS Module for A119 V3

GPS Module for A129, A129IR and A129 Pro

With GPS support, it allows you to sync the time and date through the GPS system. This calibrates your time with the atomic clock, you just have to set the timezone in the settings.

For playback the video, we recommend RegistratorViewer for A118C, A118C2, and G1W-S, dashcamviewer for A119 series and A129 series.

You can download the registrator viewer from the attached file.

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