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Do VIOFO dashcams support GPS tracking?

Yes, all our cameras can support GPS tracking and can work as a logger.

What is the use of GPS?

The GPS logger records speed, latitude, as well as altitude during driving, and then gets them stamped on the video as below, GPS will also help synchronize time, making sure the time is updated.


  1. if you want a detailed route, you can use the player Dashcamviewer.
  2. Download the videos on the app and you can also find the route by playback.
  3. Though the GPS can update time, you still need to choose the correct time zone manually.

How do I know its status?

You can notice its status by the camera screen (if your camera has one) or by the GPS led on the camera body.

Where is it embedded?

Most GPS loggers are built in a separate square mount, like the A129 series, which can be easily detached from the main body.

Generally, the standard box comes with the GPS mount, you do not need to purchase it separately unless otherwise specified.

Some GPS logger is integrated into the main body and can not be detached, like T130, and WM1 as in the below pic, while the thin bracket can also be easily detached.

Tips: You can buy all these small accessories on our official website.

Can I turn off GPS?

Yes, you can choose to turn off GPS in camera menu or app menu.

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