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Why is the dashcam popping up a memory error or memory full?

Scenario 1:Memory error 

It is mostly caused by a faulty or incompatible card.

  • Download the GUI format tool and format your card deeply on a Windows computer.(If you use Macbook, you can just use its default format tool)
  • If the issue persists, we suggest you buy a new card we recommend.
  • Click Recommend Cards to get more tips about choosing a dashcam card.

Scenario 2:Memory full

Have you turned off the loop recording? if yes, the camera reminds you to format the card when the card is full.

The default loop recording option is "on", so the camera overwrites old files automatically, and no worries about the card being full

Tips: It is still necessary to format the card periodically.

Click Why and How to do card formatting to get more tips.

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