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How to test my microSD card?

There is a tool you can use to test your microSD card.

  1. Download the attached file and unzip it,  install the application on your computer.
  2. Open h2testw, select your target and click write+verify.
  3. Check the test result, "Test finished without errors" indicate a good card.


It is important to choose a MicroSD card with good quality. We recommend choosing a microSD card with high endurance and UHS-U1/U3 or above class.

Bad-Quality microSD cards have short life endurance and may cause various problems when you use your dashcam. Most of the recording issues are caused by bad-quality microSD cards like randomly stopped recording, video corrupted, etc.

Click this FAQ to know what card we recommend.

Click this FAQ to know why and how to format the card.

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