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How to update the firmware? And why can not I open the bin file?

Only two steps to follow for firmware upgrade.

1. Go to the VIOFO Support page and download your camera firmware file ( bin file ) to your card

There are several tips you may note:

  • Card: In case you do not have a card adapter, you can use the short data cable coming in the camera box and connect the camera to your computer, the camera will enter card reader mode and the card will be accessed on your computer, you can then download the bin file to the card on your computer directly.
  • Bin file name: The bin file is not to be opened or unzipped, just copy it to your card directly, with its name unchanged, with no suffix like "copy" or "(1)".
  • Place: Copy the bin file to the main folder of your card, not a sub-folder.
  • Below is a pic for your reference.

2. Power the camera with the card inserted, and the camera will upgrade automatically

There are several tips you may note:

  • The update takes about 2 minutes and the PWR led will flash.
  • Buttons will not react and the camera will restart during the upgrade.
  • Please do not disconnect the power during the upgrade.
  • The bin file will be used and get lost after the upgrade.

Tip: Currently,  firmware upgrade by the VIOFO app is not feasible.

Here is a video for your reference.

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