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What Cut-off Protection Voltage To Choose for Hardwire Kit?

There are four options of voltage cut-off switch you can choose from, the lower you choose, the longer camera can record.

To get the longest parking time, push the switch to the most left position, and choose the lowest level 11.8V/23.6V.

The highest level 12.4V/24.8V is your safest choice, push the switch to the most right position, so the camera stops recording much earlier.

Please be noted that as long as the hardwire kit works normally, there is no concern about battery drainage. 

Tip: there is about 0.3V tolerance of voltage detection in hardwire kit.

If you find your car battery drained during parking, please troubleshoot according to the below points carefully.

  1. Make sure ACC yellow cable connect to an accessory port, which loses power after parking, and BAT red cable to a constant live port, black to the ground; Try other ports if issue perists, attached is an hardwire kit installation manual FYI.
  2. Choose the highest 12.4/24.8V protection rate, and set the parking timer at about 2 hours.
  3. Turn off the camera parking mode and check if any other device in your car is consuming power.

If the issue persists after trying all above, maybe a new hardwire kit is needed, please contact VIOFO support team at email [email protected] or open a ticket by clicking TICKET.

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