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Is it normal that my dashcam becomes very hot during recording?

Yes, it’s normal. especially for high consumption dashcams such as  A129 PRO 4K, Dual and 3CH dashcam.

While please don't worry about it, there is a High-temperature Protection mechanism inside the cam,

A129 Pro front camera adopts heat discharge construction and the built-in sensor to detect the temperature of the main chipset. When the inside temperature reaches a certain degree, the device will automatically shut down to protect the dash camera from overheating.

and fornew arrival T130, we have embedded a heat sink on the back of the cam body, which shall help reduce its body temperature. you shall avoid touching it when you move the dashcam.

If you still worry about overheating problems, you shall reduce its consumption in various ways such as turning off the Wi-Fi, lowering the resolution and bitrate, disabling parking mode, parking the cam under shadows, etc.

Last but not least, we suggest you choose high endurance SD cards such as VIOFO, Samsung series cards when using our dashcam, which can ensure the best performance of our cams.

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