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How to use Bluetooth Remote Control?

Bluetooth Remote Control is an optional accessory for dashcams, install it in a position easily accessed by your hand, then you can lock videos by pressing it.

While first, you need to pair it with the camera.

How to pair it with the camera?

  • Pair with camera

Press the button on the control until you find the red flashlight turns blue, which means paring is successful. 

  • Press the button 

Short press the Bluetooth button and you can clear a clicking sound, which means two videos are locked, as well as one screenshot.

Below is a pic for your reference.

Why does not Bluetooth Remote Control work´╝č

If you press the button and find no blue led, only red flashes, the pairing is unsuccessful, we suggest you reset both Bluetooth and camera and try again.

How to reset the Bluetooth Remote Control?

Take out the battery inside the control and then put it back.


  1. Locked files are saved in the RO folder and pics in the Photo folder.
  2. A119 V3 does not support Bluetooth Remote Control.
  3. As to WM1, you need to turn on the Bluetooth on the camera first, then pair it with the Bluetooth control.
  4. Attached is a digital manual for Bluetooth Remote Control.
  5. There are spare stickers and a new battery inside the box.

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